The goal is to make an impact and help you reach your full potential!  ATLAS offers training programs that focus specifically on improving human performance.

Featured Programs : AP Athlete Performance Training

                                  AP Health and Fitness Training

                                  AP Body Composition Testing and Analysis   

Foundation of  
ATLAS Performance Training:

  • Track and assess your progress and provide detailed feedback to help you reach your goals more effectively
  • To coach and educate clients on the importance of hydration and nutrition in regards to their health and performance goals. 
  • Coach proper training techniques evaluate, and measure your progress throughout the training program. 
  • Coach proper movement and mobility to reduce chances of injury. 
  • Train specific energy systems to improve cardiovascular endurance and are specific to your training goals. 
  • Train to increase your strength and flexibility to improve performance
  • All clients will reach their health and performance goals in a safe manner. 

"Acquiring strength is relatively easy, applying it is the challenge. Its easy to chase numbers that don't often transfer to improved health and performance ." 

-Vern Gambetta-


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